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Retro is a modern adventure that recalls the golden age of arcade video games, when kids were fighting for the future of the Galaxy against unbeatable odds.

Return to those days with your friends as you battle your way through a universe of random levels providing ultimate replay value. Take the controls of unique starships on alien worlds to overcome a myriad of foes. Go for it!

  • 2-players simultaneously
  • 3-D rendered and hand-drawn graphics
  • Stereo sounds & upbeat music
  • Arcade style special FX
  • Lighting and shadow effects
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Random level generation
  • Input Sprocket and Force Feedback
  • Carbonized for Mac OS X
  • Gamepad & Joystick support for Mac OS X

Register Retro for only $14.95!


Cool Intro Screens

Simple User Interfaces

6 Worlds with Bizarre Aliens

Unusual Enemies & Power-Ups


Mega Bosses 

 For questions or comments, write to Zack Morris at