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Created by Zack Black, Meteor Storm is the first game ever released by Z Sculpt™ Entertainment. It's an arcade style space-shooter that tips its hat to classic games like Space Invaders & Galaga.

stars - "The ultimate pick-up-and-play game, even after all these years - fast paced, old fashioned fun."

stars - "So entertaining. Amongst the very best of its kind. Like ballet and Asteroids combined."

stars - "HUGE fun 2 player! For those who havent tried two player, TRY NOW!"

stars - "What shareware should be. This game rocks!"


Rated 5 Stars by Download.Com users!

Download it for FREE here:





  • 2-Players simultaneously
  • 3-D rendered graphics
  • Stereo sounds & music
  • Arcade style special FX

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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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